Open Source Customization

Open source technology is a vast ocean fed by original developers and streams of tech experts from the open source community. While you can make do with what is available in the package as well as with plugins and mods, you will find that working becomes kludgy and sometimes slow. Customization of open source, on the other hand, is like fine tuning an engine. You get more power, more speed and better performance with lower overheads.

We have specialists in open source customization each one dedicated to various open source technologies like PHP/MySQL, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Java, R, Apache, Hadoop and Python to speak of a few. We can reverse engineer existing applications and fine tune them with open source customization. You will see noticeably improved performance gains and reduced glitches as well as burden on existing infrastructure. Open source customization is affordable and you will get the benefit of top-notch performance as well as ease of use when you go this route with our help. Call us to know more about how we can customize open source apps and develop custom apps for you.